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really good and  well designed creepy really worth a playthrough  thanks for watching

Short but creepy :0 I put on my channel :)

Спасибо за игру 

Game is Very short,  but suspenseful lol

Sorryyy loll thank you for playing tho

no problem. still had fun  


This game is  pretty fun . I feel like it was rushed to much. I wanted more scares :) Overall though great game!  Your game is third and starts at  08:11 

A nice short spooky game that keeps you in suspense. The phone is the pearl of the game tho haha The game starts at 32:35 <3 

Short but solid game with nice atmosphere and well placed sound effects. Thank you for making this! 3rd game.


Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

Nice little horror experience! Would be nice to see more :)

great game

Thanks for the Game Sean!

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So... Much.... "Ketchup".....

i like that pretty much

Good game!!

Good Game

Your game is the first in the video! I gotta say, the ambience with the crickets was very distracting. If we're in the house then we really shouldn't be hearing that at all. Also it's called Alone at "Midnight" but it's 2am while we're playing? I still had fun playing though, thanks for making it!

scary game

Played it. Was rough around the edges and the quality isn't the greatest but it's not a bad game.

This game kind of disappointed me at first impression. However as i thought more about it the more scarier and kinda relatable it was. I think its great in the aspect that the game's events seem more realistic as it has chances of happening than monsters etc. It was a short experience so i feel there wasn't enough room for more stuff. Apart from that it was an alright experience. Good job devs!

Another audio manipulation to frighten the player. and once in a while such a terrific ending like that suits the genre pretty well. made a 3RG eps on this game 

I didn't see that ending coming.. 

I'm a brazilian guy who plays and record some horror games sometimes.. Btw here is my video (it's in portuguese)..

I think it was all a nightmare.

Gameplay legendada:

Playing 10 Horror Games on
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What a ending...

I can't believe they called me back 🤭🤣

I loved the ending it was so SPONTANEOUS, like BOOM THE END 😆😁

 really good and  well designed creepy really worth a playthrough  thanks for watching

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definitely not a jump scare filled horror game


I Did Not Expect That Ending (youtube video)

Un juego cortito y simple pero no entendi el final

The ending threw me off completely, pretty good game. I'd like to see more.

Link: (1st Game)

This was creepy i liked it the only thing i would change would be the background noise to like a thunderstorm or something but other than that the graphics where good and the atmosphere was good

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Great Game

This was a nice short psychological horror. The chirping noises did make it seem like we were outside and i did get lost. But that was on me with thinking too much of the game. I would def play other games you make tho. 

I liked this but the background sounds were a little distracting.  The loop was too short and that bird(?) call was pretty annoying.  Definitely had my stomach drop a little when I got to the ending.

Made a video 

[Gameplay en español minuto 8:30]

The dark environment and mystery behind this game has made it interesting to play, and it has been fun! Good job :)

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